Education Connection Program

Our next Down Syndrome Specialist training will be for ALL (New and Returning) Specialists at the Sedgwick Marsh Center Training Room, 1000 Ridgeway Loop at 7:45 AM

If you are a general education teacher, principal or assistant principal and are interested joining the Education Connection Program, please contact us for information.

Register by contacting DSAM at 901.547.7588 or

Inclusion Solutions

Check out these Inclusion Solutions topics from our newsletter geared towards helping educators to help their students with Down syndrome!

Differentiate Instruction With Online Tools for Writing
Helping Your Students to Manage Transition Successfully
Why is it Important to Include All Students, Adapt Lessons to Reach All Students 
Avoiding Learned Helplessness, Peer Tutoring  (page 3)
Helping Your Student Learn to Attend to Task
Making Relationships a Priority
IEP Development Goals & Strategies
Tips for Teaching Math (page 2)

Interested in becoming a Down Syndrome Specialist?

Click here for the Down Syndrome Specialist Job Description.

Did you miss "Best Practices in education" workshop by michael remus?

You can find the PowerPoint presentation to follow that includes many effective steps to including the student with down syndrome in the general education classroom. there is information about classroom setting, accommodations and modifications, as well as much more informative help. click here for the handout: Great expectations for All

Mr. Remus also provided a handout regarding how you  can positively advocate for systems change: Plan for educating all Students 

Mr Remus also discussed that in his district in Arizona, individuals with disabilities are able to receive a regular diploma. Many attendees were interested in seeing their High School Graduation Standards so they could pursue this with the state of Tennessee. Please find the standards to follow and notice on page two, there is a waiver for students with IEPs and 504s. AZ Graduation Requirements

General resources for Educators


Resources available to all schools

  • Peer Presentations - DSAM has Peer Presentation kits that families can check out and use to teach their children's classmates about Down syndrome. 
  • DSAM Presentations - DSAM is always willing to present to groups to provide information and education about Down syndrome. 


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